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High-Quality Metal Roofing Products for Residential Use

Whether it’s a CLASSIC® High-Performance Metal Roofing product, Rare Manufacturer Roofing product, or Armadura Steel Roofing product they come in a wide variety of architectural profiles, colours, and finishes. Our expert metal roofing technicians have helped thousands of homeowners decide on the right choice for their particular style of home, roof slope, special considerations (gables, dormers, etc.), and of course personal preference and budget. Please browse through our metal roofing products below, and do not hesitate to request a free in-home consultation and attic inspection. We are happy to discuss your particular needs and options with no obligation to you.


ARMADURA® Steel Roofing Products

A budget-friendly option, the Armadura® Metal Roofing line offers high-quality steel roofing, providing many of the advanced benefits of a metal roofs in an affordable price range.


CLASSIC® Oxford Aluminum Slate

Offering your home the classic look of slate roofing without the hefty price tag and weight. Oxford Aluminum Slate Roofing is maintenance-free, and a permanent lasting investment in your home.



This profile was designed in-house by Rare and is intended to simulate the look of old world slate. It is made using the same base metal as our other roofing products. It is an interlocking, hidden fastener system, just like our Ironwood Shake.  The hip/ridge cap on this profile is also interlocking and each cap covers the fasteners on the previously installed cap.


CLASSIC® Rustic Aluminum Shingle

Oxford Metal Shingle roofing emulates the classic look of architectural shingles, but with long-lasting beauty and efficiency. These permanent and maintenance free metal shingles are protected by a lifetime non pro-rated warranty. 



hese two are the European Tile and the Heavy Shake profiles. Both of these profiles are designed to install over a 2 x 2 batten system, European Tile installs on 16 inch centers, which is a big advantage when installing on a non-walkable or steep-sloped roof (i.e. over 36.5 degrees).



This profile is installed directly onto either a solid sheeted deck or partially filled in skip sheathing. It can be installed directly over asphalt as well. It is an interlocking system with hidden fasteners and is less costly and easier to install than our other two profiles. Our Ironwood Shake profile was made to resemble cedar shakes and is available in a variety of colour choices.


CLASSIC® Country Manor Aluminum Shake

Offering your home the charming beauty of cedar shake roofing without the problems of new growth cedar. Country Manor Metal Shake roofing is a maintenance-free, and permanent lasting investment in your home.



The 2 x 2 batten system can be installed over most existing roofs, which allows for adequate venting between roof layers. The Heavy Shake profile is designed to look like heavy cut cedar shakes and is available in a variety of colour choices. Minimum slope is 3/12 (14 degrees).

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